What Donors Are Doing

Since we released the first round of report cards, this donor community has been very creative about finding ways to advance the work.  You have done so much, even without a coordinated strategy!  

Donors are spreading the word about our report cards (and related tools)

  • Cathy Carlson spoke to the ED of the DSCC, Senator Schatz, and other donors.
  • Paul Egerman spoke to reps from the Senate Independent Expenditure and sent a link.
  • Weston Milliken, and his advisor Eddy Morales, asked their funding recipients, the Democratic campaign committees, about their consultant diversity numbers and how it’s tracked. 
  • Margery Loeb shared our list of questions with the Texas State Democratic Party, who in turn passed them on to candidates they are working with.
  • Kaitlyn Krieger, Jason Franklin, English Sall, and Alexandra Russell shared our report card tools with funders focused on specific states. 
  • Alexandra Russell, Weston Milliken and Eddy Morales, have shared information with other donors and donor advisors. 
  • Karla Jones used the report cards to decide which Senate candidates to give to.  And she let them know that the report card informed her decisions.

Connecting Donors to Options for Giving to Community-Based Groups

Many of us believe that it is critical to give outside of campaigns and committees to groups on the ground in communities who are doing voter work.  

  • Nancy Parrish worked with me to identify a giving option for funders she knows who would like to give to voter registration.

Allowing Your Names to be Used Publicly

There is much we can do privately as donors, but sometimes it helps the cause to share our names publicly.  Several of you agreed to be a media contact when we released the first report cards (it turned out the media did not ask for this).  And a number of you also agreed to be in a follow-up press release and series of tweets.

I know I am leaving some people out.  Thanks also to the people who helped shape this project in the early stages and to all who provide much-appreciated words of encouragement!

Please keep the updates, action, and feedback coming. We’ve got energy and momentum on this issue, let’s build on it!