Our Partners

From time to time, you’ll hear me mention these partner organizations that play critical roles in making sure that voters of color are engaged so that Democrats win. This first newsletter feels like the right time to introduce them to you. 

Inclusv. They focus on increasing diversity in professional staffing at every level of political engagement. 

American Majority Project Research Institute (AMPRI). They provide multidisciplinary research on engaging voters of color. 

PowerPAC.org. They provide technical assistance to community organizations doing voter work and provide strategic advice and coordination to coalitions of groups conducting large-scale electoral activities. 

Southern Elections Fund. They focus on expanding the participation of African American voters, expanding the electorate, and developing new leaders of color. 

PowerPAC+. They are a leading voice on the role of race in modern American politics. PowerPAC+ is the sponsor of Democracy in Color, a media platform by and for the New American Majority and sister organization to PowerPAC.org.