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The political game is changing and season three of Democracy in Color podcast will get you ready as the November elections approach. Aimee Allison, host and president of Democracy in Color, elevates the national conversation about a post-Trump electorate, the ascension of voters of color, and the surge in political leaders of all stripes. We’ll hear from strategists, thinkers, candidates and power players who speak candidly about the the transition to a new political era thanks in large part to the New American Majority.  Aimee is joined each week by our political insider, Tim Molina from Courage Campaign, for analysis and context on local shifts and national movements. This season is being produced by Lantigua Williams & Co.

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About Aimee Allison

Aimee Allison is a thought leader, public speaker, writer, and expert on women of color in politics. She is president of Democracy in Color, a national political organization focused on race, politics, and the New American Majority.

About Tim Molina

Tim Molina is the political director of the California-based progressive grassroots organization Courage Campaign and the Democracy in Color podcast’s resident Political Insider. Tim brings his strategic knowledge and experience organizing around politics and policy to our conversations each week.

About Lantigua Williams & Co.

Lantigua Williams & Co. is an audio and film production studio based in the Washington DC area. Follow them at @LanWilCo or visit to learn more.