Since Democracy in Color released the Fannie Lou Hamer Report Cards on Democratic U.S. Senate candidate campaigns and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) people from across the political spectrum have been giving their support. Please find some of what people have been saying here:


  • “I just contributed to the campaigns of Katie McGinty and Catherine Cortez Masto based on your report card.”
    ~ Karla Jones
  • “In order to expand the base and bring in non-inveterate voters who are disproportionately people of color, we have to recognize that communities of color need to be engaged more than they have been in the past, and not only for the general election. We need to look beyond the general and into the primary where the stakes are often much higher if we are truly interested in achieving diverse representation in government. The report cards are an important reminder of this.”
    ~ Lucy Flores, recent candidate for U.S. Senate from Nevada


  • “Fannie Lou Hamer reports remind us what the civil rights community has always said. The participation and engagement of Black and Brown people are integral to our Democratic principles. Anything less than that we will lose.”
    ~ Arva Rice, New York Urban League


  • “It is so important to help democrats in swing states win this November, in particular through engagement with voters of color. But as donors we can play a pivotal role. I see this as a great cross section of racial justice and electoral politics at such a crucial time. I highly recommend everyone to check it out!”
    ~ Eliot Estin


  • “Your questions (are) raising the bar for funded campaigns. Pushing them to be more rigorous in planning.  All the answers to these questions should already be incorporated into campaign plans (and) will only make them stronger. In 2012, when I ran the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee, my team would produce memos addressing many of these same questions in tiered House races. We need to do the same going forward.”
    ~ Cliff Waker, Texas Democratic Party


  • “It is beyond time to stop taking black and brown voters for granted.  The Fannie Lou Hamer Report Cards ask critical questions that need to be responded to thoughtfully.  No one should be surprised at the result if campaigns don't focus on these communities.”
    ~ Ebonie Riley, National Action Network