Partnership Opportunity: Seeking TV Producer for Democracy in Color Hour


Date posted: November 14, 2017

About Democracy in Color Hour
Learning from the successes of Fox News, one of the key ways to changing the hearts and minds of people across the U.S. when it comes to politics is through broadcast television. Starting in early 2018 Democracy in Color Hour will air on Free Speech TV (FSTV), which currently reaches over 40 million households. This new show and this new partnership between Democracy in Color and Free Speech TV, presents an incredible opportunity to serve as an agency for progressive change. Working with FSTV, Democracy in Color seeks to create a show that will become part of the solution to empower the New American Majority—multiracial, multicultural, and progressive— and help bring about social and racial equity and justice in our country.

Working Concept

A “60 Minutes meets W. Kamau Bell” weekly show that will feature various news and entertainment segments through the lens of the New American Majority. We are currently exploring the idea of having the show hosted by seasoned on-air host Aimee Allison, president of Democracy in Color.

The mission of Democracy in Color Hour is to  forward Democracy in Color’s progressive, multiracial, multicultural New American Majority-focused political agenda.

Primary Target Audience

Progressive people of color and progressive whites interested in race, politics and social justice, late-20s to mid-50s, urban dwellers or those living in greater metropolitan areas across the country, college-educated, professionals, active voters, active on social media.

Partnership Opportunity: Television Producer

Democracy in Color is looking to partner with a television producer, preferably a producer with news show experience, who can help bring our concept to life, soup to nuts. This work will include coming up with the creative vision and concept to pulling together the production team to leading production on film day to overseeing editing. Ideally the producer of Democracy in Color Hour is someone who has connections in the entertainment world, is  hungry to make a difference in the world, and wants to contribute to the empowerment of the New American Majority. This is an opportunity to develop a show that will put pressure on the Democratic Party and progressive movement to step and do a better job on behalf of the New American Majority, change political opinions of voters, and win back our country.


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