Countdown to Iowa with Pat Rynard and Irene Lin

In this Episode:

The Iowa caucuses are just a few months away. Steve sits down with two guests with deep history in Iowa politics: Pat Rynard, founder and managing editor of Iowa Starting Line, a news outlet that covers the Iowa Caucus and other Iowa political news, and Irene Lin, former campaign manager for J.D. Scholten, a Democrat who ran in Iowa’s 4th congressional district in 2018 who nearly toppled Representative Steve King in a heavily Republican district. The conversation focuses on how the caucuses in Iowa, which begin on February 3 in 2020, as the first contest in the Democratic presidential nomination process shape the races that follow. Pat and Irene weigh in on how they feel each candidate is doing in the state so far and whether championing equality for people of color inevitably sends the message that you don’t care about economically-anxious whites. Pat and Irene also answer the question: which concert would you most like to have front-row seats to?

Show Notes: