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Steve Phillips


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Steve Phillips, New York Times contributing op-ed writer, author of the New York Times bestselling book, Brown Is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority, and founder of Democracy in Color, is the host of a new a color-conscious political podcast, “Democracy in Color With Steve Phillips.” 

New episodes will be released every two weeks. On his show, Phillips, dives deep into today’s most pressing political issues, offering unique, data-driven analysis on the state of the 2020 presidential race and other elections through a racial social justice lens.

As one of the nation’s top political thought leaders, Phillips invites listeners to learn how the key to Democrats and the progressive ecosystem winning and saving our democracy lies in centering the fight against white supremacy and racism and mobilizing the New American Majority—people of color and progressive whites. His show will also be dedicated to lifting up the voices of and empowering the New American Majority. 

Special guests will include movers and shakers in the progressive political ecosystem; top leaders leading the way in voter mobilization across the nation; social justice advocates; civil rights activists, and journalists. Sharline Chiang, Democracy in Color’s strategic director of communications, joins regularly as co-host.


“Democracy in Color with Steve Phillips,” is produced by Democracy in Color, a political organization focused on race, politics and the multiracial, progressive New American Majority. Ellen McGirt, editor of Fortune magazine’s raceAhead, called the 2016-2018 “Democracy in Color Podcast” hosted by Aimee Allison, "The smartest podcast on race I've found in ages."