Letter to Senator Schumer & Senator-elect Van Hollen

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December 15, 2016


Senator Charles Schumer

Senate Democratic Leader

Senator-elect Chris Van Hollen

Chairman, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee


Dear Senator Schumer and Senator-elect Van Hollen:

In the wake of this year’s catastrophic presidential and Senate elections, Democrats and progressives across the nation have come together to discuss how to rebuild our party and how to enable Democrats to win again. Part of that discussion has included what role the coalition of people of color and progressive whites that elected Barack Obama twice will play in that rebuilding.

Our Inclusv family released an open letter to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) leadership last week - and we join them in urging you to consider the important of the New American Majority coalition as you make decisions on the leadership and staffing of the DSCC. The DSCC currently does not have people of color in key decision-making leadership positions, including Executive Director, Political Director or Communications Director. As was painfully proven on November 8th, that is not a formula for victory.

Members of the African-American, Latino and Asian American communities comprise 48% of all Democratic voters, and yet the vast majority of the people with check-writing authority for the $1.5 billion spent by the Party and its allied organizations are white.

This is simply unacceptable.

We strongly believe that our party can win elections by securing the support and enthusiasm of the country’s rapidly growing communities of color as well as the meaningful and consistent cohort of white Americans who reliably vote for Democratic candidates every cycle.

Our goal is to hold Democrats accountable for rebuilding our party with culturally competent leadership and a complete reordering of spending priorities to redirect significant amounts of resources to connect with voters of color, organize them and turn them out on Election Day and key resistance points in between.

The Democratic Party has prided itself in being the party of a diverse and inclusive America. We hope that in the coming decisions regarding the DSCC personnel you will not only celebrate those values, but practice them.


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