And The Winner Is...

Perez & Ellison.png

Tom Perez is the new Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. He is only the second person of color ever elected to head the Party in the 169 year history of the DNC (the awesome Donna Brazile was interim, sadly, and appointed, not elected). The Democracy in Color Campaign has spent the past two years pushing the Party to embrace the future represented by the energy, creativity, and power of the country's communities of color striving for justice and equality. We are motivated by the election of Perez, because it demonstrates the culturally competent leadership the Democrats need to transform the Party into a fighting force that can help lead the movement to take our country back. Be clear, our campaign is not one for symbols. We care about winning. We look forward to working with the new Chair to make that a reality, to build our Democracy in Color.

The race for Chair has been hard-fought and challenging, and we are sure that the supporters of the candidates who didn't win are disappointed. It was a diverse spectrum of candidates who rose the standards for dialogue. Everyone involved should be proud. Everyone can take some solace in the knowledge that Perez is good person truly committed to transforming business as usual. It is a time for unity, and we are very encouraged that Keith Ellison was unanimously elected as Deputy Chair of the Party. People are counting on all of us to rise to the occasion of challenging the near-fascist occupants of the White House by putting aside our differences, and rolling up our sleeves to do everything we can. People are counting not just on the new DNC Chair, but on all of us to rebuild the Party and retake the country.

With today's election, the Democratic Party closes one chapter and begins another. Perez's election is a positive start to that chapter. Let's all get to work.

In Solidarity and Hope,
Steve Phillips
Jessica Byrd
Aimee Allison
The Entire Democracy in Color Team